Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Desk Clearing

Everyone in the department I work in is doing a little desk clearing. Consequently, a designated area (on top of the microwave in the common area, to be exact) has been created for unused stuff that everyone's finding in the back of their drawers. All items in this area are free for anyone to take. So, of course, I ran over as soon as I found out to see if there were any treasures left behind. Sure enough I found a few unique items that I don't think I will be able to find anywhere else.

The above mug is promoting one of our instruments. Notice the unique shape of the handle with the rotating dollar sign.

Also, take a look at the thermos/canteen combination. It's shaped like a thermos and made of a material used for canteens. It even has a compass attached to the screw in lid and a clip for easy attachment. This thermos/canteen will be the perfect complement to the swiss army knife that I gave to my sig-o last year when I took a trip to Austria.

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