Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Minute Cookies

Do I have a life? I think I do seeing that I'm always busy with something. Well, apparently my sometimes wonderful sister doesn't think I have a life. You see, a few days ago, in the middle of the afternoon, my sister called me and demanded (I mean, asked) me to bake something for a bake sale at school the next day. Hmmm...thoughts raced through my head about all the things I had to do that afternoon and how quickly I would have to finish them in order to squeeze baking in. Not having the heart to say no because 1) it was my sister and 2) it was for a good cause (they were raising money for some students to be able to take an educational trip to Costa Rica during spring break). I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to decide what to bake, while simultaneously thinking about the other dozen things floating around in my mind. Did I want to go all out and bake something really time consuming like a cheesecake or cupcakes? Or should I go with a more simple approach like some kind of cookie dough? Well, seeing that I didn't get to it until 8:00pm, I opted to go with the latter. I chose a sugar cookie recipe that I was already familiar with (this was no time to experiment, people). They're easy to handle and they don't spread as much as other cookies such as chocolate chip, which means placement on the cookie sheet would be effortless. To make it seem like a lot of time and energy was spent on perfecting these creations, and to make her cookies more distinguishable than other plain ol' sugar cookies that might be there, I decided to "sweeten" up the cookies by adding some streams of chocolate. I think they turned out pretty well for something that was thrown together last minute (last minute meaning I didn't know about it more than 48 hours in advance). Their size came out just about right - not too big to be overwhelmend, and not too small to feel like you're paying for something that you will finish in one bite.

I got the report on how well they sold...success! There were only two cookies left!

All in all, even though it was last minute and I was caught off guard (I'm a planner!), everything turned out alright.

Just so my sister doesn't seem like a complete brat, it must be known that she did do the clean up after I was done with the kitchen, in spite of the two tests that she needed to study for, the following day.

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