Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Ingredients - What I'm Made Of

Check out my new ingredients, here.


I'm Patty. I'm a sister, a friend, a sig-o, a chemist, a student, a housekeeper, an unofficial baker, and an unofficial cook.

I'm starting this blog for a lot of reasons...I get so frustrated when I buy cookbooks that don't have any pictures in them. For the untrained cooks and bakers, like myself, how are we supposed to know what it's supposed to look like? What is our ultimate goal? With my posts, I'm hoping to be able to help those who have pictureless cookbooks by working my way through pictureless recipes. Of course, each recipe will be up for interpretation, but I will do my best.

Undoubtedly, I will be trying recipes that I find intriguing, but not necessarily from pictureless books. I hope those recipes will peak your interests as well.

The first book that I will attempt to work through is Healthy College Cooking. It is a book that I was recently published in! One of my recipes that I had submitted, which I will post later, was chosen along with other college students' recipes as part of a contest. One of the prizes was a copy of the book. Though it was a very exciting day when the book landed on my doorstep and I am very supportive of its concept, I was mildly disappointed when I flipped through the book and found absolutely no pictures! Hence, the birth of pictureperfectpassionphood! One of my primary goals will be to slowly chug through the book and provide pictures for those recipes, or at least my take of them.

I am also starting this blog to be able to keep in touch with old friends so that if one day I run into an old friend, he/she won't be able to say, "What? You had five kids?" Of course, I am also hoping to make new friends along the way with pictureperfectpassionphood.

Besides recipe posts, I will be sharing some of the exciting and not so exciting events that go on in my sometimes small world.

Please feel free to comment and leave suggestions, as this is the first time I have ever attempted to share a little bit of me.


  1. Love the new site, can't wait for more updates!

  2. Everyone must know.. the cupcakes were AMAZING (frosting and all).

    :) Thanks Patty!

  3. I love your blog! This is amazing! Congratulations Patty, can't wait to see the next posting!

  4. Hi Patty,

    I love your blog! All these pictures and recipes makes me want to get in the kitchen and stir up a few pots and pans!

    Thank you so much for the cookies you sent me. I have to confess that I ate them in one fell swoop and didn't share with anyone! They were delicious!

    I'll write more later!

    Love, Mrs. Cameron

  5. Hi Patty,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful, delicious cookies; I ate them in one fell swoop and didn't share with anyone!

    I love your blog! All of these pictures and recipes makes me want to get in the kitchen and rattle around some pots and pans!

    Write more later!

    Mrs. Cameron

  6. sup gf?
    miss me?

    we're going to watch new moon now
    i was wondering...
    would you post pics of the team jacob/team edward cookies you made yesterday?

    love ya

    jacob edward