Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cruise to Mexico


I just returned from a week long cruise to Mexico with my family and sig-o! It was our first time cruising and we were oober excited. Let me just say that starving is nowhere on the itinerary. You can get food any time! The buffet and restaurant is accessible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Want a midnight snack or any other time snack? No problem – just head to the 24 hour ice cream station or pizza bar. Don’t want to leave your room? No problem – there’s 24 hour complimentary room service! It doesn’t get any better than that for a foodie like me.


When we docked, I began my search for where the locals ate.We found ourselves at El Pollo de Oro (The Golden Chicken). It was located in the city of Cabo San Lucas, about a 10 minute taxi drive from the port. The food was delicious. I had the combination plate with a chicken taco, cheese enchilada, chile relleno, and carne asada. I found a new hot sauce – Valentina! Bye bye Tapatio and Cholula…you’ve been good to me, but it’s time we part ways.


Our cruise line, Carnival Spirit, fed about 2400 people the week we went. To see how this HUGE operation is run, we took a behind the scenes tour of the restaurant’s kitchen…amazing!



P.S By day 4, my dad needed to have some noodles in his system...any noodles will do...even cup o' noodles!


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