Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joan’s on Third


I met up with my friend from high school for breakfast. When a friend tells me that the location will be up to my choosing, I try to choose somewhere we’ve both never been before. This time, I chose Joan’s on Third.


I knew it would be a cute place with a great atmosphere and it did not disappoint. For those who have never been, Joan’s on Third is a few blocks away from The Grove. When walking inside, it appears as though it is only a market place, featuring a refrigerated case filled with cured meats and a variety of cheeses. It also has shelves of spices, rice crispy treats (made with cocoa puffs and fruit loops too!), honey samplers, sticks of marshmallows, and more! After you browse around, you will find menu boards hanging in three locations – one for sandwiches, one for breakfast, and one for drinks. Registers are also scattered around, depending on what you want to order. We went for breakfast, so I went to the breakfast register, which also included orders for the bakery and lattes. I ordered the French toast and Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal.



To take home, I got the Nutella poptart (I might have to make one of my own some day), which had such a delicious pastry crust, and a Cloud. Have you ever had a Cloud? I’ve always seen them around online, but I’ve never had one. Let me tell you, if you like heights of fluffy frosting, this is the dessert for you. If you can’t get your hands on one, here’s a recipe you might try. 








After filling up, I went back in to take some photographs of everything I missed. As I suspected, they’re one of the  many places that don’t allow photographs to be taken, but I managed to sneak in their Valentine’s Day tablescape before they caught me…such a rebel, right – =). Back to the table, look at all the wonderful goodies…I love all the pinks…there were pink meringues, and pink lemondrops, and gumballs, and brownies…oh my heaven!



After breakfast, we weren’t ready to part ways, so we went The Grove to do a little shopping. It’s been a while since she’s gone to The Grove, so it was perfect! We had a fabulous morning of just girl time. If you’re even in the LA area, make sure to stop by Joan’s on Third.

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