Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sig-O Cooks Dinner!

The sig-o has been working on weeks to perfect this recipe. He decided to surprise me with it for one of our date nights. Let me tell you, it was muy impresivo. For someone who's never had pork chops, I think he nailed it! I know what you're thinking, "You've never had pork chops?" Yeah, well, did I mention I was vegetarian for six years, and before that, I was a steak and fish kind of gal. Now that we're all over the shock, back to the pork chops. They were delicious. They were so flavorful, delicious, and juicy. His side dishes weren't too shabby either. The brocolli was just right. They were tender, slightly crisp, not too soggy, and not completely raw. That's hard to do, my friends. The pasta was great. As a recent graduate from college, he has become a master of al dente pasta and tomato sauce.
For dessert, my wonderful sig-o ran out to the store to pick up a tub of vanilla bean ice cream, while I stayed behind and finished my dinner (I'm a very slow eater).

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