Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31st Month Anniversary and Counting

Earlier this month, the sig-o and I celebrated our 31st month anniversary. When I tell people about our monthly anniversaries, the usual reaction is, "You still celebrate monthly anniversaries?". Well, yes, sort of. We usually acknowledge, but not necessarily celebrate, to be exact. It all depends on our schedule for that particular week whether we celebrate or not.
For this month's anniversary, the stars aligned. We got off work at around the same time, we weren't completely swamped, and we had a gift certificate to dine from a list of restaurants! Can you ask for anything more?
To make it more convenient for me, the sig-o drove from Brea to me in LA and we decided to pick a restaurant in Glendale. We chose Damon's Steak House, which turned out to be the perfect choice. It was local, not too fancy where it is uncomfortable, and it was delicious!
Since I became a non-vegetarian, I have been reluctant to consuming beef. I have no trouble with any other animal, but beef just didn't appeal. Well, since we were at a steak house, I decided to give it a go. I opted on the prime rib, medium rare (brave, no? The medium rare was recommended by the sig-o). Ironically, the carnivore who loves the finest cuts of beef that I was sitting next to wanted to order fish! The grilled salmon filet, if I remember correctly. That sounded equally as yummy so we decided to go with our choices and split the plates.
I'm an appetizer kind of girl...hello potato skins. The meals came with soup and salad. For the salad, the waitress recommended the house french dressing, tossed at our table. Everything was delicious and filling, but unfortunately, we did not have room for dessert.
It was the perfect evening for an anniversary, filled with good conversation, good eats, and good company.

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