Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summer Vacation and Food Adventures

I spent the last two weekends on mini vacations. The first weekend was in Las Vegas with a friend who turned 21 and the last weekend, I was in San Diego with my sister and sig-o. It was a long awaited vacation for my sister and a good time for us to spend some sister bonding time.

Las Vegas was great! I am proud to say that I was lucky this time around and came home with more in my pocket than I left with. I also came home with more in my stomach than I left with.

San Diego was awesome as well! I came home with a huge sunburn on my back and a mind full of memories...and again, a stomach full.

I made sure to have as many eatery adventures as possible while I was away and I would like to now share with you my adventure - picture book style.


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  1. I WANT SUSHI!!! Pics look good btw. Your posts are getting shorter and shorter.... haha